Rollerblade Twister LE

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The Rollerblade Twister LE Inline Skate is more than just an urban skate—it's a limited collector's edition that stands out with its earthy tones and exclusive graphics. The Skate Liner Plus with PSI Plus (Performance Skate Insole Plus) boosts your posture and skating ability, while the Comfort Flex tongue and V-cut sockliner give you the flexibility and support you need for exploring the urban jungle. For top-notch performance, it features a secure closure system with a shank locking buckle, 45-degree micro buckle, and extended liner lacing. The Anti-Torsion Box technology, aluminum plates, 243mm aluminum frames, 80mm Hydrogen wheels, and ILQ-9 Classic Plus bearings ensure awesome power transfer, control, grip, and speed. The Twister LE 2024 is perfect for skaters who want quality performance and style while cruising through the city.