Rollerblade Lightning 80

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The Lightning name is legendary, but the Rollerblade Lightning 80 Men's Skates of today are making history. They are designed to please in any environment chosen, whether it urban freestyle, fitness, or skating just for fun.
The 2024 Lightning boots are the first to feature Rollerblade's Memory Buckles (both the 45-degree AND cuff positions). This allows you to get them on and off faster than most, with micro-adjustability set and remembered for the next time you skate. Lightning Liners are super comfortable with anatomical padding. Inside are PSI footbeds, shock erasers, and footboard sizers for fit adjustments. The boots are nice and strong with plenty of ventilation cutouts and replaceable lateral sliders.  So they are strong and responsive for urban freestyle skating, but with airflow (more than the Maxxum and Twister) and comfort to skate for fitness, commuting, or just for fun! The base of the boots have metal frame mounting blocks to attach strong extruded aluminum frames (removable and adjustable) for efficient energy transfer and synergy between the boot and frame. Inside is high-quality Urban 80mm 85A Wheels & SG7 Bearings (brake is included in the box).