Radar Crush 48mm/84a - Outdoor Dance Wheel

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The Radar Crush Wheels are the cutest little outdoor wheel we've ever seen. 48mm is a height that almost never happens with outdoor wheels but this tiny wheel is on a mission. They are made for dancing outdoors with high grip and control, and would also be the perfect beginner indoor dance wheel.

Dance wheels are usually small and hard for indoors, in rinks, or on any perfectly smooth surfaces. At 84A and 88A hardnesses, the Radar Crush will smooth out rough surfaces so that you can now boogie outside without being limited. 84A will feel a bit smoother (softer) outdoors and the 88A leans toward being a hybrid that can feel comfortable skating indoors or out. Since they are so small they will have you very close to the ground which adds a lot of stability and makes them easy to skate. These wheels would also be great replacement wheels for young roller skaters that require smaller hardware.