Powerslide Pheme Ocean 100 - Navy

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Designed for women or anyone with slimmer feet who demand unmatched style, comfort, and performance.

The PHEME Ocean 100 is unlike any inline fitness or urban skate on the market. Meticulously designed to be one of the best-looking inline skates available, this is a simple, minimalistic skate that lets its looks speak for itself. Of course, this amazing inline skate is more than just good looks.

The boot of the POWERSLIDE PHEME Ocean 100 incorporates three-layer padding, including a special foam that adapts to your foot, improving comfort and control. Whether you’re into urban skating or fitness skating, the POWERSLIDE PHEME Ocean 100 is a gorgeous, high-performance inline skate that also happens to be made of vegan-friendly materials.

You’ll love the low center of gravity and superb power transfer that the famous TRINITY 3-point mounting system provides. Proven to be the most innovative, customizable, and performance-focused mounting system available, the TRINITY system even allows you to adjust the frame position to match your individual skating style.

This beautiful and capable inline fitness skate comes with a strong and light Elite aluminum frame riding on three POWERSLIDE 100mm Cruiser wheels and high-grade WICKED bearings, you get a fast smooth ride. And safety is guaranteed thanks to the Height Adjustable Brake System (HABS) that lets you control your speed and stop with confidence. More than just a fitness skate, the PHEME Ocean 100 is a stylish, comfortable, and high-performance skate that wants to be noticed.