Endless 90 ES Urban Camo

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The Endless 90 ES Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup “Enhanced Stability” frame specifically designed for skaters with larger foot sizes using 165 mm compatible freeride skates.  The extra wheelbase length is optimized for boot sizes 44 and up.  Endless is proud to offer the first urban frame for large-footed skaters seeking a big wheel setup that is properly suited for the size of their feet.  We believe nobody should have to skate comically short frames on a size 47 boot, or be forced into a larger wheel size just to have a wheelbase that provides adequate stability.

This frame is also a good fit for any skater seeking a little extra length and stability over our regular Endless 90 frame.


  • Multiple setups: 4x90, 3x110
  • Balanced Rocker for 4-wheel setups
  • Flat configuration for 3x110 setup 
    • Compatible with bullet profile wheels only
  • Recommended for all skill levels, and specifically for boot sizes 44-48
  • Mounting: 150, 165, 180 mm
    • Boot compatibility: Some boots may require modification or a washer between the frame and boot to allow clearance for new 110 mm wheels in the 3x110 setup: Adapt GT/GTS/GTO
    • Note: on Adapt skates our frames are not optimally centered
  • Wheelbase: 291 mm
  • Brake compatibility:
    • 4x90: Powerslide Urban Brake Size L (908058/3), Powerslide Road Hog Speed Brake (907005), 
    • 3x110: Powerslide Megacruiser Brake (907029) - may require modification
  • One frame set includes: 2 frames and 8 axles
  • CNC-machined from 6061-T6 aluminum
  • Weight = 310 grams, without spacers and axles