Endless 100 RB Frame (Silver)

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The Endless 100 RB Frame is a precision machined, multi-setup frame designed specifically for the Rollerblade RB/Twister series of urban skates, Adapt Hyperskates, and other 165 mm compatible skates that may have issues centering 3rd party frames.  The Endless 100 RB features longitudinal mounting slots for dialing in front-back frame alignment.

  • Setups: 4x100 (Balanced Rocker), 3x110 (flat);
  • Bonus setup: will fit 3x125 (flat) for many common boots and sizes, but cannot be guaranteed for all.
  • Wheelbase: 303 mm
  • Ride Height: 4 mm taller than the original Endless 100
  • Mounting: 165 mm - optimized for Rollerblade and Adapt boots, but will fit any 165 mm mount boots including those front FR and Micro.  Longitudinal mounting slots will allow front-back alignment of the frame on the boot.
  • Weight: 340 g without axles
  • Colorways: Black and Silver